The Horror. Akumu Ink.

Welcome to a world of little morbid skeleton characters and badass chainsaw-wielding schoolgirls. This delightful horror show can only be found in the Japanese-inspired nightmare art known as Akumu Ink »

Filthy Doubloons is Tee of the Week

Listen up on deck! This is our Tee of the Week and it's a treasure! Get your grubby hands on it here. »

Three from the Daily Mash

It's the ultimate expression of love but it is actually quite weird. Instead of doing it buy this daily mash t-shirt and get on with normal stuff Bastards. They are »

New Den of Geek Shirts. Boom!

The Flash logo shirt! Why wouldn't you? Available for men too! T Shirt inspired by Mike Hodges fabulous film, Flash Gordon Another shirt inspired by the Flash Gordon movie. Diiiive »

Have you seen this lovely witch?

In 1971, residents of Ramshorn by the Wye noticed that cats had been disappearing from their homes and that the owners of said felines were 'up to strange activities'. The »